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ABOUT MetaSyndicate is Ethereum’s First Hold-to-Earn Utility NFT Collection. We are a web 3.0 concept deeply inspired by Isaac Asimov’s literary universe and The Foundation. We are growing and transforming our community into an “investment club” where our Holders can generate passive income through different revenue streams, we call them missions. Total Supply: 7777 NFTs


Imperials – 777 Settlers – 2777 Spacers – 4223 🔵MINT STAGES🔵

Private – 777 at 0.1 ETH Pre – 1777 at 0.15 ETH – Going to Launch it when we have 2.5k WL Spots filled up Public – 4777 at 0.2 ETH – Going to Launch it when we have 5-10k WL Spots filled up 🔵MetaSyndicate TREASURY FUND- 345 ETH Allocated 🔵

✅ Mission 1.0 – Guild

– We are building a guild with already 2000 Scholars that will generate profits for our NFT Holders. Mission 2.0 and 3.0

– We’re community driven and our community can vote our projects based on the profits 🔵MetaSyndicate $SYND UTILITY Token 🔵

Private Sale – 2% of our $SYND IDO Pool Pre Sale – 1% of our $SYND IDO Pool Public Sale – 0.5% of our $SYND IDO Pool 🔵🔵OFFICIAL LINKS 🔵🔵

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