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RWA-Integrated NFT’s: Metaverse Merchants is pioneering next-level utility and providing a new dimension in rare spirit collecting by offering personalised physical releases of ultra-premium whiskeys.


Craft Your Legacy: Our unique dynamic trait technology empowers you to create virtual whiskey recipes that ‘burn’ into their physical counterparts. Imagine crafting a whiskey blend in the digital realm and then sipping its real-world twin!


Control & Creativity Combined: As a Merchant holder, you are at the helm of your own virtual storehouse and endowed with evolving and interactive traits, all seamlessly managed through our dedicated trait marketplace.


Pioneering Technology: The groundbreaking utility enables ‘individual level’ decision-making over ageing, blending, and bottling steps common in traditional whiskey making… and then elevates these processes in a way never seen before!


Setting World Firsts with OneMint: In collaboration with the esteemed OneMint platform, we’ve pushed beyond what was previously possible in 5 distinct areas, crafting a drop aiming to set multiple world firsts.


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Your Ticket to Exclusive Craftsmanship: Holding a ‘Merchant’ NFT is your passport into this elite world of premium whiskey creation. Your decisions shape the journey, leading to the potential creation of several exquisite whiskey bottles over a 30-year legacy.


Tokenised Rarity & Enhanced Digital Value: These creations represent incredibly valuable tokenised RWAs, destined to become converted collector’s items themselves. In this sense, the primary Metaverse Merchants’ ongoing value is bolstered through the holder’s ongoing ability to design and release highly sought-after rare spirits.


Join us in Redefining Rarity! Be part of a community that’s reshaping the landscape of spirit collecting and digital innovation. Secure your NFT and start crafting your legacy today.

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