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27 Apr 00:00 UTC
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Meter⚡Punks is an original set of algorithmically generated punks that will rock the Meter NFT space. Featuring hundreds of new traits specially designed for the Meter chain.


Meter⚡Punks is a community-driven NFT project that will lead to the formation of MeterPunks DAO, allowing the community to be in charge of deciding the future steps of the project. 


DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) will be funded by royalties from secondary market sales. Possible usage of DAO funds could include investing in other Meter NFT projects, investing in Meter project tokens or building more projects with the Meter⚡Punks dev team.


Join Meter⚡Punks and show your love for Meter, the fastest, most decentralized and scalable ethereum sidechain. Let’s BUIDL for Meter!


The Meter⚡Punks project is not affiliated with Larva Labs and Yuga Labs.


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