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Now it is impossible to say what exactly led to such an unexpected development of events – the usual curiosity of an ordinary girl (still almost a teenager), just boredom or a combination of circumstances … but it turned out the way it happened. My name is Molly. I grew up (although why I grew up – I still grow up) as an ordinary city girl, went on dates, studied (with varying success), read books, quarreled and put up with friends and admirers, studied again, read and, after graduating from high school, entered the university . I had one passion that invariably accompanied all periods of growing up – the desire to be different all the time, to change all the time. Having no talents and other opportunities to be different in real life, I came up with different situations for myself, different looks, even different universes, where I appear in the form of some kind of flower or superhero.

To somehow support my dreams in reality, I was helped by an application for my phone, where I could create with my appearance and hairstyle the most incredible things that change me beyond recognition, as I wanted.

But one day something very strange happened….

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