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We have created the perfect virtual pop art gallery, and these apes are the first to wear it! Apes in Popland is a digital pop art gallery using imagery from the 1950s Pop Art Movement with a contemporary twist. The project features a unique and colorful set of 3333 digital characters. Apes in Popland takes inspiration from the BAYC NFT project and brings to life some of the most beautiful pieces that have ever been created.


In short, Pop Art was a strong art movement and we have brought it back with a contemporary twist. This is just an art project, and we’ll avoid making any other promises. What you see is what you get.


Our NFT project is a tribute to all the apes who came before us, and all other projects that played many important roles in building the NFT space to this day. This PFP collection is the revival of Bored Apes in a fun, unique and colorful art style. We’re proud to be able to share our vision for what should be cherished and appreciate everything this community has done for us.


Our project’s primary goal is not focused on generating profits but rather on actively participating in the NFT space and supporting the growth and success of other NFT projects. Our mission is to contribute to the prosperity of the NFT space as a whole. One way we aim to achieve this is by offering affordable NFTs.


By making our NFTs accessible at a lower cost, we are providing an opportunity for a wider audience to engage with and collect NFTs. This approach allows more people to participate in the NFT ecosystem, appreciate the artistic and creative expressions of various projects, and support the community as a whole.


Our project’s emphasis on affordability aligns with our mission of fostering the prosperity of the NFT space. It enables individuals who may not have significant financial resources to still participate, collect, and enjoy NFTs. This inclusivity and accessibility can help to democratize the NFT market and attract a diverse range of collectors and enthusiasts.

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