Moody Llamas Club, Phase II

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21 Feb 23:00 UTC
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Moody Llamas Club is a collection of 10.000 generative and cool llamas on the Polygon blockchain.


The main utility of the collection is having access the club on both, the website, and on the metaverse. The club’s goal is to promote art and talented people, and bring them the audience they deserve, and making exclusive events for holders. If you are an artist and need more public, if you enjoy with good people, if you want to be part of exclusive events, or if you want to enter the NFT world with a cheap and dope art collection with huge potential… This is the place to be!


Phase 1: 1000 llamas at 25 MATIC, SOLD OUT.

Phase 2: 2000 llamas at 30 MATIC, 22/02/2022.

Phase 3: 3000 llamas, 10/03/2022.

Phase 4: 4000 llamas, 20/03/2022.


Join us on socials to get more detailed information about roadmap and utilities! And if you have any questions, you can chat with us on discord and you will find help really fast!


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