Murder Head Death Club

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Murder Head Death Club is a limited Liquid Death NFT collection where owning severed heads gets you VIP membership to a bloodthirsty water corporation whose mission is to take over the world and turn the human race into flesh batteries to power its giant marketing robots.

Since 2019, Liquid Death has savagely murdered millions upon millions of thirsts. To solve the problem, we are selling a limited collection of 6,666 of severed thirst heads to the public.

We kidnapped artist Will Carsola to create 6,666 unique severed heads that are a perfect likeness of our actual severed head collection. Will is the Co-Creator and artist behind 2 of our favorite Adult Swim shows: Mr. Pickles and Momma Named Me Sheriff.


222 attributes. 8 super rare traits with wicked superpowers. 100% murderous awesomness.

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