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Murphy’s Tools is a collection of 5555 different Murphy’s. We want to provide different tools and benefits to our holders.

We are aiming towards NFT traders, artists, and entrepreneurs, like us.

Right after launch and already on Q2 of 2022, we will be providing our holders access to NFT Trading Tools.

This includes charts, rarity sniping, latest news, and alpha groups.

This part of our website is exclusive to our holders, and there won’t be an option for a monthly subscription to get access to this part of the website if you are not one of the few holders.

Additionally, we will be running sniping bots in the background. These bots will look for perceived undervalued NFTs and raffle them to our holders at the purchased price.


The monitored collections will be up to our holders.


We will also be adding a feature on our website that lets you trade your NFT for another NFT directly, without needing to sell to then buy a different one. For holders this will be free of fees, non-holders may use this at a small fee.


A big portion of our funds and royalties will go towards supporting and giving exposure to a monthly curated list of Artists or giving them the required tools they’d need to thrive or launch their own project.


All in all, this is a community-centric project focused on the continuous development and improvement of the NFT space.

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