Mushy Monsters

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10 May 00:00 UTC
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Mushy Monsters is a playful collection of 5,555 lovable little mushy monsters living on the ethereum blockchain. bringing youthfulness to web3.


5,555 entirely unique & hand drawn  monsters for a mint price of 0.08eth 


where every monster is uniquely their own. mushies are unapologetically themselves. the mushiverse is a judgment-free, playful world, each a little different, but they coexist side-by-side in harmony. whether they are selling antler dust, inking ETH tattoos, planting mushrooms or diving for fish; they always support their fellow mush. whatever life throws at them, there is always a shimmering-side; they don’t take life too seriously, they celebrate it.


Roadmap Includes: Free Merch, Games, Shroom Hunts, Mush Exchange, Free Entertainment, Mush Grant & more

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