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1 Sep 12:00 UTC
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Hi there!

Welcome to our community! We are delighted to present you a myBuds hand painted generated NFT pfp Collection based on comic stories about the Hemp superheroes that fight evil and help planets in a difficult times!

MyBuds is a physical brand that is aiming to become one of the biggest Canna brand worldwide. Main vision is to support world´s transition to sustainable energy by a hemp plant. Talented graphic designer Tobias Rucka and founder of a company Tomas “tom” Jerabek are delivering a unique IP and beneficial business model!

Technical data:

Blockchain: Ethereum

Smart contract: ERC721a

Developer partner: Metaseed Labs

Supply: 8889 NFTs

Resolution: 6K

Utility: MyBuds´s DAO, voting rights, Airdrops, Lottery, support for an artists and a creators, educational and networking App, physical fasion line, “grow and harvest mechanism”

Physical Gift for a holders of min 3 MyBuds´s NFTs to the address!

Mint per transaction: max. 5

Price for WL: 0.06 ETH

Join our community today and benefit from it later! Stay tuned!

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