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NermiNation is a passion project from three fathers, wanting to build a community & build something special for all children in the future. You can help save these Alien’s that are lovingly called Nermi’s. The Roadmap (V1). Giveaways at each 5% reached in the roadmap! 10% – Staking 1 ethereum & 5 Nermis will be given away at 20% funded. You’ll be able to access a portal on our website, where you can stake your Nermi’s to generate $NRME tokens, that will be used in the future for a vast array of utilities. Including, in our TCG game that will be coming soon, to equip power-ups for your nermis. Stay turned for details regarding staking on our Twitter, and soon to be announced discord. 20% – Nermi Mates 1 ethereum & 5 Nermis will be given away at 40% funded. Your Nermi’s need to find mates in order to start their family! Nermi’s are a very family-oriented race and once we’ve reached 40%, news relating to the upcoming launch of the Nermi Mate collection, will be announced. We hope for this to go live early 2022, and can’t wait to share further details. More will be announced on our Twitter. 40% – Breeding 5 ethereum & 5 Nermis will be given away at 60% funded. We don’t want to share the details regarding the specifics of breeding just yet – but we have something special planned that will provide a marketplace for breeding your Nermi’s in order to mint new baby Nermi’s that are generated from the DNA of their parents (with possible mutations that could create something special). More details about the breeding will be announced on our Twitter. 60% – Nermi Worlds Community MMO 1 ethereum & 5 Nermis will be given away at 10% funded. Nermi Worlds is a community oriented mmo-like game wherein you can use your nermi as your avatar, and connect with the community. There’ll be exclusive events that are held within this world & areas in which you can own, and customise to your likings. This entire world is about the community & we can’t wait to start shaping it with you all. Keep an eye out on our twitter for updates. 80% – The Nermi Tales Children’s Book 1 ethereum & 5 Nermis will be given away at 80% funded. At the core of this NFT, is the ‘Nermi Tales’ Children’s book, this is what we set out to accomplish in releasing this NFT, and once we’ve reached 80% on our roadmap, our dreams of providing an AR experience within a children’s book about the tales of a family of Nermi’s will be realised. We’ll be sharing more details about this book & the development of it in the future, but we’re sure you’ll all love what we have planned. 100% – Nermi Nation CCG 5 ethereum & 5 Nermis will be given away at 100% funded. At this point, full effort is put into the continued development of the Nermi Nation Collectible Card Game that will be released on the blockchain. You’ll be able to use your Nermi’s that you hold, as a playable card within the game & power them up through various means. Development for this has already begun & we can’t wait to show off our progress with you, our community.

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