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Creating NFTs has become easier and easier but actually selling out a collection has become harder and harder…


It used to be that just about any half-assed collection would sell out.


But fast money attracts competition and now dozens of new projects launch daily.


On top of that, it has become incredibly easy (and cheap) to create NFTs without a developer.


It no longer takes a team to launch a project – it can be done by an individual.


This all means there are a lot more NFTs being created than sold.


There are two main reasons that NFT projects fail to sell…


They aren’t creating NFTs people actually want to buy.


People seem to forget that an NFT is just a digital product.


Buyers of your NFT need to feel like they are getting more value than they’re paying.


Once you’ve got an NFT that people actually want to buy, selling it is easy with a good launch strategy.


Which brings us to the next reason projects don’t sell out…


They have no launch strategy (or a really bad one).


Remember, 99% of the world still hasn’t bought their first NFT.


And most of them still think the whole idea sounds stupid.


Or most likely just say that because they don’t understand it.


But even if you could convince them to buy…


The battle has really just begun.


Buying crypto from an exchange, installing wallets, transferring funds…


The key is to sell NFTs to people who already buy NFTs.


NFT Launch by blokstreet is your ticket to launching your own NFT project even if you aren’t an artist or a techie.


Holders of this NFT will learn:


Creating NFTs people compete to buy (even if you have zero artistic skills)

Launching an NFT collection without being a tech wiz

How to get your NFTs in front of thousands of hungry buyers for free


Each NFT grants you access to a LIVE 6 week course to learn the strategy & tactics of the proven NFT Launch blueprint. 


As a bonus, each NFT Launch holder will have access to 6 months of support alongside other project creators in a private community that is fun and collaborative.


If you are interested in learning more and applying to NFT Launch, then visit


Price is TBD. Supply is limited to 50 to ensure close support to holders.

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