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NFTs For Freedom —
NFTs For Freedom is a movement by the community for the community. Everyone should have the opportunity to build a legacy, regardless of language, race, culture, disability or other differences. We’re using the power of NFTs to break down barriers, and give freedom to artists.
When people get involved in NFTs, the community is one of the strongest reasons they stay. We’ll dive deep into the heart and soul of the NFT community and the artists behind our project in the form of an intimate documentary.
Forget everything bad you’ve heard about NFTs; you’re about to learn the truth, and meet some of the people whose lives have been forever changed by this transformative technology.
The NFT Documentary is the first project by NFTs for Freedom. This documentary dives deep into the heart and soul of the NFT Community. We’ll share the stories of people with diverse backgrounds, ages, races, and cultures. You will hear the voice of the community by the community.
This NFT Project is in Partnership with Galaxis (formerly known as Ether Cards). You can view the Collaboration Page on Galaxis’s website at
Our NFT collection is 11,111 pieces featuring the works of x artists of every age, background, race, and culture. Regardless of why people get into NFTs, the community is one of the strongest reasons why they stay.
Project Details:
11,111 NFT Collection
Each NFT will have a front and back side
The Front Side of the NFT will have varying Designs representing NFTs for Freedom
The Back Side of the NFTs will showcase different creators (artists & photographers) from the community.
The mint price has not been determined yet. The Community Presale will be .01 eth below the mint price. The Private Presales will be .02 eth below the mint price.
The mint date for Private Presales is March 24, 2022. The mint date for Community Presales is March 27, 2022. The Public Sale mint date is March 30, 2022.
Galaxis, formerly known as Ether Cards, is in a partnership on the Project with Project Creator Steve Ryan
Galaxis are the developers behind projects such as The Toddlerpillars, Mike Tyson, The Dirty Robots, Steve Aoki and many other successful NFT Projects.
This NFT Collection is a unique collection and will be the first of its kind minted on the block chain.
The NFTs will serve as an access token to see the legendary NFT Documentary and will allow the holders to be a part of NFT/Blockchain History. The access token will also allow the NFT Holders to see the full untrimmed version of the Documentary, including versions that may not be accessible to the general public in the future. The NFT Documentary will be available after the Public Sale. We will announce a release date for the NFT Documentary.
This Documentary covers many elements and cultures of the community. You will hear real stories from real people from all over the world who came into the NFT world for many different different reasons but remain in the NFT world because of the community.
We prefer to use the term Action Plan instead of Roadmap because we are taking action now BEFORE our Project even mints.
We are bridging the gap between languages by having a community of people who translate educational information from English into multiple other languages. Sometimes not speaking English and/or English not being someone’s first language can be a barrier of entry to information that is available for native English speakers.
We are providing a community for people who needs a community to call home. If we are truly being inclusive, we must be that bridge for others regardless of language, disability, gender, sexual orientation, cultural or any other differences and that’s what NFTs For Freedom stands for.
We provide educational resources including real live talks, podcasts & blogs to help education people in marketing, strategies and support to people who are pursuing their passion and dreams.
We collaborated with many people across the world from all walks of life to create this Project including the design of the NFTs. These people include visual artists, fine artists, photographers and people from other industries.
Action Plans & Goals:
Have the NFT Documentary translated into as many languages as possible with at least 2 genders per language. This is important so that other languages have access to this documentary and so that people have a choice to choose a voice that they will best relate to. This will allow people who learn by audio to have access to the NFT Documentary.
Have the NFT Documentary transcribed into written form for people who prefer to learn through reading. The written form will also be translated into multiple other languages. This will allow people who learn best through reading to access to the NFT Documentary.
Have the NFT Documentary translated into braille for the blind who prefer to access the NFT Documentary in this fashion.
Have the NFT Documentary translated into visual sign language for those who prefer to access the NFT Documentary through this method.
Establish a resource center to help people who need community support, educational research, marketing strategies, entrepreneur support and other types of support that will help them move forward towards their dreams and goals. The resource center will start small and we will scale up over time as resources allow. This will be available to people both in the NFT Community and outside of the NFT Community.
Establish collaborations and/or partnerships with other Communities and Organizations that will bring value to the Community and NFT Holders. These Collaborations will be both IRL (In Real Life) and in the Metaverse.
Launch future NFT Projects that will involve a similar template of collaborating with worldwide talent in the creation of the Projects.
Get feedback from the Community and NFT holders about their ideas, consult with the Community and NFT Holders over their ideas and look for opportunities to implement these ideas.
Establish a real world office that will offer different opportunities including educational seminars, in real life meet ups and other engaging opportunities for the Community and NFT Holders.
Market and Campaign the NFT Documentary to the General Public on a scale that will bring mass awareness to the NFT Community and onboard the Public into the NFT Community on a larger scale.
Continuously research and implement ideas that may bring the best Long Term Value to the Community and NFT Holders.

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