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Another1 and Swappable joined forces with 32 industry leaders to create the world’s first Italian ‘phygital’ sneakers.


These limited edition sneakers will be launched as an NFT collectible on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT will provide owners the right to request a physical pair. However, to receive a physical asset, you must burn your NFT!


The NTR1-META sneakers are inspired by the magic of the changing Chameleon. Our team admires the human ability to change in the face of adversity, much like how the fascinating Chameleon morphs the color of its skin cells to survive in the most difficult circumstances.


We’re not just talking about changing your wardrobe. We’re talking about an evolution of the highest degree.


Thus, these sneakers are not for everyone. NTR1-META awaits those seeking to evolve and seize the most extraordinary versions of themselves through this magical transformation.


We are launching a limited edition of just 5000 NTR1-META sneaker NFTs. Lucky owners can swap and burn their NFT to redeem the identical physical pair and slay the streets of our real modern world.


We will use the NFTs to monitor ownership and authenticate SKUs (Stock Keeping Units). The digital asset will represent ownership and the right to acquire physical goods in the real world.


In collaboration with emerging Italian fashion designer Lucio Vanotti, we fused classic Italian design and abstraction through color into a limited edition of NTR1-META sneakers.


Together, Vanotti’s creative inspiration and our forward-thinking vision manifested the perfect realization of these extraordinary designs.

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