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The NugFTs collection is 5,000 digital strains of cannabis with unique artwork connected.  Each NFT comes with its own name and THC % along with specific properties inculding: background color, body color/shape, leaf, and hair (worm) that create a unique NFT for each holder.

As NugFTs grows its platform, the creation of NugNet and NugCoin will provide holders of NugFTs one of a kind incentives.  NugFTs will make their way into the Metaverse through digital retailers so that holders can showcase their strains to the public!

Cannabis is finally going decentralized, and NugFTs is blazing a trail for users to benefit from their favorite communities.  By conjoing cannabis and blockchain, these two passionate communities can support each other in adoption and advocacy.  Join the NugNation to experience it for yourself!

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