Pet Batz Doodles

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24 Feb 12:00 UTC
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Join the Pet Batz Doodles family to have a say in all our developments and be a partial profit-sharer.

We are creating our token. Our holders will be able to stake their coins and their stake percentages will go up in accordance with holder’s pieces quantity. Development of 3D p2e game. Development of a Metaverse virtual reality game.

Road Map:

1) February 24 “Mint Date”

2) “Sold Out” goal

3) “Sold Out” gifts

4) Taking the first steps towards token creation

5) Providing collection holders exclusive privileges on staking our token

6) Purchasing property that is voted by our holders from Sand box or Decentraland and a structure will be build hand in hand with consultation of our holders.

7) New collection with 3D design

8) Development of 3D p2e game

9) Development of a Metaverse virtual reality game

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