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A Masterfully hand-drawn NFT Collection that doubles as an exclusive membership to the PRB Country Club.

Drifting above the prestigious hills in the Metaverse, Poor Rich Boys was built into existence on making each member feel a sense of community throughout our country club family. Our founding team members have worked endlessly to fill our exclusive club with like minded individuals from all walks of life. Each Poor Rich Boy serves as a key to our exclusive membership to experiences and opportunities that are limitless.

Poor Rich Boys are here to fill the void of what it really means to be apart of an an actual exclusive club in the NFT space, putting our members needs and wants at the highest level. The club promises to bring each member perks and experiences throughout the Poor Rich Boys growth whether it be covering open bar tabs, dinner bills, vacations, gifting random airdrops, and even covering unexpected costs that life throws at our members. We are truly a one of a kind club, that puts our holding members first.

That said, If you haven’t found your place in the metaverse, we hope to call our special place home to achieve greatness and look forward to our members joining us into creating excellence while we move through the metaverse together

One thing which already sets us apart (art wise) from other projects is that our NFTs are uniquely hand drawn (https://twitter.com/poorrichboys/status/1483237899168481280?s=20&t=bgYJuaMvaq5SeWhtSTn6xA)

Aside from being uniquely hand drawn, we put our community FIRST. By constructing a virtual country club, we bring everyone together to make them actually feel like they are actually a part of something extensive, fulfilling, and exclusive.

By reaping the benefits of a physical country club, virtually – the networking and financial possibilities are endless with what we have planned for the PRB family.

We see so many new projects being released everyday, and most of them seem they’re either pump and dumps, facades, or just a copy of another project with a few tweaks. It’s  becoming monotonous to see animal projects which are essentially copies of others.

We are here for the long term. We are here to keep the community going for years after the initial launch.

We are PRB.

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