Pups in Society

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11 Feb 09:00 UTC
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We are a 10,000 NFT’s collection in the Ethereum blockchain! 
Utilities will be voted and chosen by our exclusive Pup owners! There will be an initial 150 Ethereum in the Pups Society Reserve after the 10,000 NFT public sale ends, which will be used for the projects, activities, or raffles voted by our holders! Also 45% of all secondary sales on Open Sea will go directly into the reserve each month; so the reserve will never run out of funds. Pups in Society will be exclusively decided by the holders through our Pups Community Votes, funded by the Pups Society reserve What does this mean? This means that every week there will be a voting between holders through the discord channel to determine where that week’s money will be allocated. It could be to vote for a car raffle, cash prices, parties, travelling, etc… Since secondary sales will constantly go into the fund, the money will be unlimited! We are also already started preparations for a very secret treat which will make our Pups V2 very very interesting.

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