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NFT Degens getting together to disrupt the Sport of Kings!

We’re going to purchase 20 young horses with unknown potential in Sept/Oct 2022. We will Name them, Train them, Love them and Race them early next year as we look to build our very own Horse racing empire!
Twenty horses of untapped potential gives us a good chance of getting one or a few world champions! Either way, we will definitely get some winners, bash a couple bookies and have a tonne of fun doing so! Check out our 7 year Roadmap!

Main Objective :  Be the first NFT community to win an elite level prize in a global sport; A Group 1 Race!

Secondary Objectives :

  • Win Group 1 races all over the world.
  • Breed our very own global superstars!
  • Build a global brand, conquer the Sport of Kings and then copy and paste onto the next sport!

This is a great opportunity to participate in a historic movement, write our names in the history of horse racing, without any of the hassle that comes with managing the day to day operations; feeding, cleaning, race entries, jockey engagement etc.

However, you will have input to the overall strategy, naming of horses, race selection and all major decisions in the journey of each horse.
We will look to use the community’s skills to create analytic tools while also looking to capitalize on our newly educated community’s understanding of the bloodstock industry for web3 specific projects.

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