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RPS is a multi collection of 3 drops of 10k pieces each of the popular Rock Paper Scissor. First drop is scissors and is made out of aesthetics hands in scissor position with more than 250 traits with references to urban style and retro-futurism.


RPS mission is to create an oracle to facilitate unbiased decisions in a distributed way on the chain. Thousands of decisions are made everyday by people and applications and, in the metaverse, it will just be the same. The future is on the web3 and metaverse but smart contracts can’t get data today directly from the real world and they need oracle services in the chain to work. RPS mission is to cover this gap and bring unbiased decision power to the web3 community, specifically by providing web3 distributed oracle service to the society. We want to do this in the easiest way possible using as an example the popular game Rock Paper Scissors 👊✋✌️.


Thanks to the RPS distributed oracle services DApps🔮, any community, DAO, sport game or gambling applications will be able to resolve disputes in an unbiased way in the chain. Any decision taken thanks to RPS will be stored in the Ethereum blockchain (more Blockchains to be included in the future) and anyone will be able to request evidence results for future proof. RPS holders will be part of the creation of the RPS oracle and will get a fee every time the oracle is used in the metaverse.




Key differentiation points:


1. For the community members

✔️ Spots for VIP owners

✔️ 59 ETH in prizes just in the first drop

🔥 On-chain Treasure hunt

✔️ Power to influence design of future drops

✔️ Personalization in future drops

✔️ 5% of each drop revenue for charity donation

👍 Be part of the creation of the first web3 RPS oracle service

✔️ NFT Staking rewards: NFT Owners will have passive income benefits from the service fees of of future web3 RPS oracle services to the DApps users.

· 50% of oracle service revenue will be assigned by smart contract to NFT owners with the following weights: 25% to Scissors owners, 15% to Paper owners, 10% to Rock owners

· 25% of oracle service revenue will be assigned to RSP players taking decissions on-chain

· Remaining 25% of revenue will be assigned to co-founders of RPS


2. Cutting Edge Technical Differentiators

✔️ Real NFT ERC 721 (images not in centralized private servers)

👛 ERC-20 Token creation (fungible token for the future service payment)

✔️ Decission Power Oracle Social Distributed Service based

✔️ Personalization (starting in second drop)

🔐 Extremely Secure Smart Contract (Consensys MythX security audit)

⚖️ Use of game theory RPS mathematical models for un-biased but fair (zero-sum evolutionary game type) in the decission taking, in favor of pure coin toss flipping as used by other existing oracles services


3. For the Industry

✔️ Collaborations with Brands and Artists

🔮 WEB3 RPS oracle distributed service for other web3 DApps benefit (DAOs, marketplaces, games, metaverses, etc…)

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