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Roomiverse is a community of unique 4,444 NFT rooms where everybody is living in harmony in the metaverse building. Sounds good? But legally we have to warn you that it’s a wild wild place, some people see a view of a nice city, some others are under the sea or even worse. Each floor has their own perks and downsides which all floor mates have to come together to overcome the challenges or even threats from another floor. Get your key now and see it for yourself. Our Utility – Your NFT will double as your property’s deed and room design that will define your room in the metaverse – All furniture is “swappable”. you can freely customize your room and trade furniture – Furniture traits in your NFT will become your actual furniture in the Metaverse The Project goal is to bridge the “physical” and “virtual” World, we are creating the assets which you can bring with you anywhere. In physical world, you can use them in your daily life, set them as your office virtual meeting background or have them be your desktop wallpaper. In virtual world, you can have a place where you can call it your place, make it your living room and bring your friends over, create a nightclub and host some wild party your imagination is the limit. Pack your stuff and move in to your new apartment now! Don’t forget to say hi to your neighbour!

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