Royal Eggs πŸ‘‘

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30 Mar 00:00 UTC
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Timeless Art turned NFT.
The Most Hyper-Realistic NFT Created.
Inspired by the FabergΓ© eggs.

πŸ₯š8,888 Handcrafted and algorithmically rendered collection
πŸ₯šHyper-Realistic art made with insane precision
πŸ₯šFully doxxed team with 20+ years of experience
πŸ₯šEach Royal Egg is a key to an exciting Royal dynasty
πŸ₯šRoyal Egg holders get whitelisted for all upcoming Metaobjects projects. Automatically.
πŸ₯šRoadmap with physical versions of the NFT and Metaverse lands.

πŸŽ‰  Daily opportunities for WL spots and Royal Egg Giveaways

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