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21 Mar 06:00 UTC
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Minting on World Tree Day | 3-21-22

Whitelist: 0.03 ETH (333 available)

Public: 0.05 ETH

Total Supply 1,000 unique trees with various traits.

88 Limited Editions

A portion of proceeds goes directly into replanting Native Non-Invasive species. As well as securing land in the metaverse for a virtual trees Oasis. Allowing you to interact with virtual editions of trees planted with mint

We will also measure the growth quarterly of the 1 of 1 tree and convert the annual growth into SaveTreeNFT carbon credits. Once verified, we will airdrop credits to all SaveTreeNFT holders.

Money does not grow on trees; it grows in them! 

The faster we mint, the more we plant, and the more credits get redistributed. 

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