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17 Dec 17:00 UTC
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The Secret Society Electus is a Private Club of enlightened people, visionaries and seekers.


The Society’s primary objective is to unite proactive individuals to exchange sacred knowledge and philosophical ideas aimed at addressing global issues.


To become a member of the Club you need to purchase one of the 100 NFT masks, each representing a handmade Venetian mask crafted by a highly skilled artisan, making it entirely unique and available as a single copy.


Upon purchasing an NFT, Society members gain access to their physical mask corresponding to the purchased NFT.


The NFT mask collection is captured in 360° and looping, filmed in high-quality 4k resolution, using specialized equipment, and involves live models during the filming process.


Membership is voluntary and completely anonymous; all attendees at meetings and ceremonies are required to wear masks.


The Secret Society will operate based on DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) principles, if its members vote to do so.

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