Slurry Cars – Car Drop #1 – Sylver

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0.03 ETH
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29 Apr 00:00 UTC
activity About the Project

What is Slurry Cars?

Slurry Cars are NFTs that are modeled after our DAO members’ cars and can be used inside the metaverse within a new game currently being developed by Slurry DAO. The game integrates usable NFTs in exciting new ways within a play to earn ecosystem! Players will be able to drive around in their NFTs and interact with other players and the environment as well as win crypto from races.

What is Slurry DAO?

Slurry DAO is a community formed from the forums. We create web3 content as well as content on youtube and social media. Check us out at!

NFT Utility🔥

  • If you have a cool car, you will become eligible to have that car appear in-game as our next NFT drop!
  • Use your NFT in game and interact with the environment and with other players!
  • Earn crypto from races!
  • Access to all Slurry Cars game releases
  • Instant access to our exclusive community
  • Eligibility to participate in our in person events, giveaways and more!

Car Specs

  • 192 hp
  • Stage 1 mods (brakes, exhaust)

NFT Specs

  • Price: .03 eth
  • Total Supply: 50 (extremely limited!)


Visit our discord for more information and how you can have your car featured as our next NFT drop!



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