SolCity NFT

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0.85 SOL
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24 Jan 18:00 UTC
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SolCity is an awesome NFT project that brings value for everyone who will become a holder. Solcity is a creative 10,000 NFT collection of 3D-styled houses with a changeable environment created on the greatest Solana blockchain. Every NFT is built with different changeable attributes: background, house, fence, road, tree, air, near house, minerals and ground. Every attribute has its own rarity score that eventually affects the total rarity of the NFT. But, the rarity of your NFT will become a real game changer in the future. Asking why?

After the SolCity NFT mint event and placing on marketplaces like SolanArt, Solsea, MagicEden and Digital Eyes we will announce the date of launching our IDO platform along with a $SCN token ico. Every holder of SolCity NFT will get the exclusive allocation amount depending on the rarity score of the SolCity NFT they hold. Furthemore, every SolCity NFT holder will get access to every IDO without need to be whitelisted.

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