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Squad Champ – A Treasury of 6,600 NFTs Living on Ethereum Blockchain.  A collection of 6,600 Unique NFTs based on the Ethereum blockchain. Each unique Squad Champs is randomly generated from a combination of over 150+ individually drawn elements. Secure your spot on our whitelist to get your very own Squad Champ.

A Prince Named Sam Champ Was Preside The Kingdom Royal Champion. Suddenly Enemy Of Prince, Joel Champ Took A War Against Royal Champion And Won The Battle And Started Out To Conquer The Kingdom. Prince Sam Champ Was Not Despair, He Got An Idea To Conquer Back The Kingdom, Sam Champ Changed Himself Into In Disparate Disguise, And Agitated The Prince Joel Champ Extremely. The Exasperate Prince Joel Champ Released A Ordinance That, The Person Who Finds Will Get A Gratifying Reward.

The Only Way To Find Him Is To Collect All The 6,600 Squad Champs To Find The Disguise Prince Sam Champ !!!


🔥   25% SOLD OUT   🔥

  • The Squad Champ DAO has been set up!
  • We will give away 10 Squad Champs to Discord users, as well as 0.5 ETH to a random Squad Champs owner from the pre-sale whitelist. 🏆
  • In addition, we will begin a Giveaway campaign.

🔥   50% SOLD OUT   🔥

  • We will airdrop 5 our most active members on Twitter and Discord.
  • We will be contributing $10,000 to charitable organization’s all across the world. (We will  in our Discord Channel.)

🔥   75% SOLD OUT   🔥

  • We will initiate a merchandise shop.
  • We will give out 20 Squad Champs and 5 ETH to ten random Squad Champs holders from the discord. (They should keep at least 5 Squad Champs in their wallet.)

🔥   100% SOLD OUT   🔥

  • We have sold out! 👑
  • We will be exclusive DAO is getting ready for launch and It will have a fund of 5% of mint sales and 25% of the royalties of the second-market royalties.
  • A new Mutant Squad Champ theme NFTs collection, with Squad Champs owners receiving unique pre-sale access. Furthermore, a floor price will be sweep so that the investment is profitable.

They’re a collection of NFTs that gives you access to exclusive events, communities, and ownership of unique artwork. Claim yours before spots fill up. 

Visit : https://squadchamps.com/

  • The Mint Price is 0.06 ETH 
  • Total Supply is 6600
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