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So why squirrels? The squirrels for our project were chosen for a particular reason, squirrels are considered very smart animals because they can easily feed themselves, so in our project, we are drawing an analogy to learning that will be available to every owner of our squirrel. Who doesn’t love these small and harmless creatures? Did you know that squirrels bury a lot of “caches” with cones in the ground, and thanks to this new trees can sprout, this is how these cuties help us and in our collection, they will help you to understand the NFT market. Above all, squirrels were chosen by us as a symbol of trust in our community. Squirrels are very trustful, so you can easily feed them. In our community, we believe that we can maintain a friendly and honest atmosphere. So why did we decide to create our own collection? We are big fans of NFT, constantly attending exhibitions all around the world and every time we are completely delighted by them. We believe that this is the future and we want to contribute to the development of the industry. Squirrels can quickly learn and adapt to a new environment, so we decided to take responsibility and give each owner of our squirrels the opportunity to get all the necessary knowledge in the course in order to adapt to what will surround us everywhere in the future. One of the features of our collection will be rare NFTs. The rarest, as in nature, will be white, in addition to color, you will see abstract tattoos and fashionable clothes. Subsequently, you will understand why we chose this rarity options.

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