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6 Dec 00:00 UTC
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We are going to make tennis bets with knowledge and study.
• We are going to use statistics but we are going to go further. Because every match and tournament is different. We will take into account the physical and mental state of each player we bet on. His intentions and involvement in each tournament.

o This are not going to be RANDOM BETS. Behind every bet there will be a reason.

1- Mint (TBA) NFTs funds will go to bet with a collective initial bank (about 80%). The rest is for external services like fees or external expenses, staking website and claim rev share service.
2- Place the bets with the mint funds and share the profits with holders.

3- A portion of the NFTs will be minted by the team, for marketing, raffles, promos… and what is more important for Tennis Labs TREASURY. With this TREASURY mechanism the amount of the bets could increase becausen we can increase the stake

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