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We are so excited to introduce the first-ever historical NFT collection based on forked @universe_xyz Polymorph contracts. There’s so much mystery and suspense behind the Cold War era, and we want to show you the brightest characters of that time. If you’re a history buff or someone that’s into the world of espionage, you’ll love what we have in store for you. Even if you’re unsure about wartime stories, we’re sure you’ll find something new, engaging, and definitely binge-worthy to learn about.

Did you know that Germans don’t use bath sponges? Or that Cubans love dogs so much that they began to put ID collars on strays? Have you ever heard of the old law where Soviets actually taxed childlessness? And, that’s not all! There are a lot of fascinating facts and other fun chronicled tidbits. You can find them all in our curated character bios, locations, and items!


The Coldest Drop has carefully selected a diverse list of characters and items from different times, nations, and cultures of the Cold War period. Mixing these might seem unrealistic or out of place – but that’s what makes it all the more fun!

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