The Inus

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22 Feb 22:22 UTC
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On February 22 – 20 Superhero Inus will be added to the existing collection that counts 1285 Inus at the moment. These Super Inus will have the highest rarity of the collection. 


The Collection

The Inus is a cool degenerative collection of collectibles on the Polygon blockchain, ready to take over the NFT space. Your Inu is also your membership card, and grants access to members-only benefits in the future. The collection consists out of 1,285 Inus that are assembled from 17 different items layered on top of each other. Follow us on Twitter for all updates. Website and Roadmap are coming soon.


ℹ️ Inu is Japanese for dog (犬)



Legendary – Gold Inu : 2%

Epic – Safemoon Inu : 3%

Rare – Red/Brown Inu : 4%

Uncommon – Silver Inu : 8%

Common – Orange Inu : 83%

Grab the Inu you like before they sell out or get more expensive

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