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The Jittery Ape is a blockchain based coffee brand pushing real world utility within the NFT space. We aim to bring a unique web3 + coffee experience to our holders. The founders are a husband and wife team based in Nashville TN with a focus on bringing stability to the space. Our vision includes converting our LLC to a LLC DAO and offering the community the ability to help not only earn from but take part in a real business.


In Season One We Will ☕

-Build a physical coffee shop in Nashville, TN 🏪


-Plant 500+ trees (300 + planted to date) 🌲


-Convert our LLC to a LLC DAO 💎


-Distribute governance tokens to NFT holders for DAO access rights ✅


-Offer the ability to earn via DAO participation using funds from our physical coffee shop  ðŸ’°


Grab a cup of coffee and hang on to your seats, it’s going to be a Jittery ride.

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