The Legend Of BigBoss

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1 Jul 13:00 UTC
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They called him BigBoss. He was a mysterious player known for being a particularly brilliant technologist as well as a great artist. His renditions of historical figures adorned yachts, mansions, and palaces all over the globe and throughout the metaverse. His infamy as a ruthless cartel kingpin only added the art’s value, but like all things that burn brightly, his flame just as soon burnt out. Leaving behind only a mystery, and a missing fortune…


The world’s first mystery game played only by trading NFTs and using your collaborative brain power. This is a game for pioneers. It features prizes, bonuses, collectibles, and a private holder community. More importantly, it is our early adopter puzzle. We’re looking for people who are smart AF to join us in adding a little mystery to the metaverse.

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