The Novatar

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23 Jul 17:00 UTC
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The Novatar is the first-ever aging NFTs collection. Our vision is to build an exclusive and unique virtual community for NFT owners.

The Novatars are the digital bodies for people to live in the Web3 World of WebScapes. Each Novatar is generated at the moment of Mint from a set of visual attributes and genes pre-created by digital artists. You can age your baby avatars into adults by your will.

Each NFT Novatar is unique and gives you access to the exclusive Web3 Community – the NovatarCity. Users will be able to visit various virtual venues and purchase NFT apartments. You can learn more about Novatars World from the comic book and a video on the official Website.

The MINT DATE is JULY 23 at 1 PM EST. The loyal members who’ll get two or more NFT Novatars from July 23 till August 3 will receive 1 MORE NFT AS A GIFT. Go to and stay tuned for more!

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