The Pristine NFT

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24 Mar 19:00 UTC
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The Pristine is the first NFT luxury watches brand. Immerge yourself in luxury with this collection of 5000 unique watches collectible and wearable in the Metaverse.

The Pristine has been founded by French celebrity jewelers Global Ice Paris. It’s one of the biggest watch dealing company known for its famous clients. The Pristine Infinity watches are about to revolutionize the game by being the first ever Metaverse luxury watches, meaning that they will get an unparalleled value. They will be wearable and collectible in the Web3, as well as many other benefits

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Change mint date : 24/03/22 – 7PM UTC for WL sale and 25/03/22 – 7PM UTC for public sale
Price is 1.4 WL and 1.7 public
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