The Safari Academy

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15 Mar 00:00 UTC
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The Safari Academy collection comprises 9999 multi-character NFTs generated on the Ethereum Blockchain.


The Students from the Safari Academy have the main goal of making the world a better place, thus donating $500.000 to countries from the Third World. Regarding the current events, we decide to donate $100.000 from our fund towards Ukraine.

Featuring a holder’s roadmap, they will buy land in The Metaverse and let holders decide what will be built upon it, reimburse all the fees from the secondary market sales back to the holders through their own token, develop a P2E game, the Safari Academy adds more than 40 ETH to the community wallet in order to support future projects of our holders, voted by the community. 


They will also airdrop holders with NFTs from future, 3D collections.


Besides all of this, they are also giving away more than $150.000 in ETH, NFTs and other prizes!


Join our Discord to find out how you can get on the whitelist!

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