The Sky Swans

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The Sky Swans are a vibrant society from Skydas City, a celestial floating metropolis. They once coexisted in this beautiful oasis devoting their lives to art, craftsmanship and innovation. When a swan reached mastery of their craft, they sang a Swan Song and became a Spirit Swan – their highest & immortal form.


After years of harmony, the Sky Swans became diverted and lost, inundated with media and other distractions. One fateful day, a massive cosmic cyclone caught the city off-guard, and the swans were scattered across the globe. They currently wander the earth, disconnected from their Spirit Swans but keeping an ear to the sky, waiting for someone to help them get home. These 7,777 NFT characters are created from 777 unique hand-drawn traits. Pulling inspiration from 80 years of music and fashion this collection is both nostalgic and elevated.


The Sky Swans are our introduction and membership to Skydas City, a metaverse and integrated system of tools which will offer an immersive new experience allowing artists and consumers to take advantage of NFTs. We’ve assembled an amazing and diverse team of artists, developers, security experts, and tech/music veterans passionate about pioneering technology that helps every person benefit from Web3. Come join the fellowship!

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