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17 Feb 23:00 UTC
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The Underground is a staking game on Avalanche with stunning algorithmically generated art of 12,000 unique NFTs. It combines hand drawn anime art with minimal gas fees and revolutionary tokenomics.  


90% of NFTs are Fighters & 10% are Yakuza. Stake your NFTs to earn $BLOOD in the brutal Underground arena. 


Fighter compete in the arena and can be levelled to earn $BLOOD faster. Players can also use RINGs and AMULETs (NFTs) strategically to progress faster in the game.


The Yakuza are gangsters who run the arena and tax the Fighters’ earnings, as well as having a chance of stealing Gen1 NFTs minted with $BLOOD. 


GOLD is the ultimate prize for everyone. But GOLD does not come cheap, 1M $BLOOD per GOLD NFT. 


The Underground has revolutionary tokenomics to create a sustainable, immersive, and rewarding economy for players. Out with predictable short lived end-points, in with strategic enduring game play. 


The Underground’s devs have designed the project conscious that a successful game economy cannot ‘endlessly reward’ its players, it must also ‘take away’ when they play badly. Often this involves dying, but for The Underground it involves levelling down, and not enjoying the rewards of item accumulation, namely: $BLOOD, RING, AMULET, GOLD and Fighters/Yakuza.


This is a mistake that many other P2Es have made. Tokens endlessly accumulate (with little to sustainably spend them on) and when supply goes up endlessly we all know what happens to prices!


The Underground provides a myriad of items and options to burn $BLOOD on, as described above. This makes for immersive gameplay of course, but also crucially this is how a self-sustaining economy is created, and how organic in-game item value growth can happen. Deflationary mechanisms have been prioritised making for rewarding game play, and the opportunity to increase the value of in-game items — just imagine the value of a $BLOOD amassing Level 99 Fighter…


The combination of hand drawn anime art, minimal gas fees on the Avalanche network, and next generation tokenomics set The Underground up to be the next blue chip P2E. 

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