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ThoseAMAs The first 4 digits of Pi times three. 3141 x 3 = 9423 There will be 9423 NFTs in the ThoseAMAs collection. 136 Handcrafted attributes the possibilities are endless. Many attributes are unique to Cardano and Charles Hoskinson himself. The attributes in the collection are thoughtfully picked out of the Live AMAs (ask me anything) the Creator of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson provides his community. We have been watching Charles Hoskinson since the beginning and very much agree with his vision. The Mission: The Mission is to help increase and strengthen the decentralization of Cardano. It is important that we continue to help all stake pool operators especially the smaller stake pools who are struggling to get by because the majority of Cardano delegators are investing in the larger stake pools to guarantee that return on their money. So the small pools need help, it cost money to run a stake-pool, at the very least we will be able to help pay the monthly cost for many stake pools to run. Utility: ThoseAMAs will mint for $200 dollars paid in ADA, and exact ADA amount will be selected and posted closer to mint day. 40% of this will be paid directly back to the holders, a daily snap shot will be taken and 10 random wallets will be selected and air dropped 375.00 each. This will take place everyday for 200 days 20% will be liquidity for the upcoming token that will be attached to Thoesamas a month or so after mint. This will be placed in a stake pool earning interest until the token is ready to be deployed. A separate paper will be produced at a later date describing the use and utility of this token. 10% will be used for post mint marketing, community activities and giveaways 25% will be used to pay all the team members. 5% Will go to payback the money that has been spent to fund this project so far.

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