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Passion and innovation: two fundamental pillars for Frederique Constant. A Swiss watchmaking manufacturer founded in 1988, Frederique Constant established itself as a major player within the industry over these past 34 years, by being capable of unprecedented technical achievements. Thanks to a cutting edge and innovative spirit, Frederique Constant is not only able offers high-quality watches for an accessible price, but also a range of 30 calibers designed and assembled within the Manufacture’s workshops. Gathering high watchmaking skills under its roof, Frederique Constant aims at pushing boundaries to explore new horizons, as demonstrated by the revolutionary Slimline Monolithic Manufacture timepiece presented in 2021. A World Premiere and real technical break-through, the latter redefined the way mechanical watches have been regulated for the past centuries by beating at 40 Hz, ten times faster than most mechanical watches, thanks to a monolithic silicon oscillator. What does this mean for a watch? A greater reliability and expected lifetime. Faithful to this pioneering spirit and to perpetuate its legacy, Frederique Constant took on the web3 trend by creating the Frederique Constant Metacube environment. A tailored virtual room intended to host digital events where guests can discover the Brand universe and connect with each other. In March 2022, Frederique Constant used this metaverse space to launch its new Classics Worldtimer Manufacture timepiece, and became the very first brand to introduce a new product within an interactive 3D environment showcasing products, videos, pictures and even NFTs. Today, Frederique Constant is thrilled to present a new and exciting step in its history. The Brand decided to bring the iconic and best-selling Classics Worldtimer Manufacture model into the NFT world, and to translate it into a generative project through a limited edition of 888 NFTs that will be created in collaboration with the luxury marketplace Exclusible and the web3 agency called Rarecubes. The physical watch will be declined in unique and artistic copies. And to remain loyal to the Brand’s mission, Frederique Constant chose to launch this project at an affordable price to allow more watch aficionados to explore and enjoy this fascinating world that is the web3. From the very first day, the Brand’s mission has not been to restrict the interest in Frederique Constant watches to a limited and elitist circle of connoisseurs, but rather to a broader selection of appreciative enthusiasts who want to enjoy high-quality classical – and digital – watches at sensible prices.


About the collab

Frederique Constant x Exclusible is the encounter of two worlds that share a common mission: to provide exclusive opportunities to their clients by creating high-end experiences. To honour its roots, this collaboration pays tribute to a Frederique Constant’s legend: the Classics Worldtimer Manufacture. Staying true to the original physical timepiece – and ensuring entire working functionality – all of the NFT timepieces in this collection are an invitation to experience a new way of enjoying luxury watches. The NFTs’ utilities are conceived to open the Maison’ doors to luxury aficionados and collectors. To invite them to enter the Frederique Constant universe and be part of a community aiming to become a point of reference in the watchmaking industry and in the NFT world. Through this project, Frederique Constant aspires to connect with people who share the same pioneering spirit to build future adventures in the web3 environment. The Classics Worldtimer Manufacture NFT collection features watches from a classic design to a more fantasy look. Among them are hidden a unique digital twin of each of the ten physical Classics Worldtimer Manufacture timepieces Frederique Constant launched from 2012 to 2022, the last one having been unveiled in March to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Brand’s bestseller timepiece. The collection will allow one to travel around the world by reproducing the Worldtimer experience in its virtual form. However, not all watches are worth the same value: in fact, some of them will be rarer than others. And the more exclusive the NFT is, the more utilities will be unlocked. Furthermore, the lucky owner of the 2022 Classics Worldtimer Manufacture NFT timepiece will also be eligible to redeem the physical version of the digital watch, thus allowing him/her to experience a “phygital” journey, enjoying both versions simultaneously.


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