Time Travel Pet Shop

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19 Mar 16:00 UTC
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A collection of 8,888 time-traveling dogs that change when put into the Time Machine! Each Pet can exist in one of three timelines: Past, Present or Future, each with its own distinct look and advantages.

Unique, hand-drawn pets done by an industry professional. Five different breeds with hundreds of accessories representing different styles and periods in history (and the Future)!

NFTs that can move! Most tokens mint in the Present timeline (80%), but the Past (10%) and Future (10%) are also calling! Each token can be sent through time to change the artwork. Ownership also grants access to community events, contest and games based on the Timelines. Community wallet funding and charitable donations to pet charities are a big part of our roadmap as well.

Limited presale and instant reveal of metadata and art when minted. Low gas fees through an optimized contract and fair pricing for all NFT collectors.

Minting starts St. Patty’s Day!

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