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23 Dec 09:27 UTC
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If you love alcohol and partying, PUT YOUR HANDS UP AND JOIN TIPSYTIGER CLUB. TipsyTiger Club is a collection of 8000 unique TipsyTigers NFT generated from 140+ hand-drawn traits living on the Ethereum blockchain. TipsyTiger Club represents the party degenerates of the metaverse. We love parties, drinks, and crypto. If you share any of our passions, come join the club. TipsyTiger Club will acquire a brewery to produce and sell TipsyTiger Hard Seltzer with TipsyTigers NFT printed on all the cans. Think your name on a cola bottle but much cooler as nobody else owns your unique NFT. Token holders will form a premium DAO, profit share the hard seltzer line, and take charge of creative decisions. All TipsyTiger holders will earn dividends quarterly. Finally, TipsyTiger Club will hold crazy lit parties around the world for TipsyTiger holders to meet, network, and have a blast. In short, TipsyTiger NFT utilities are: – Dividends from TipsyTiger Hard Seltzer – Premium DAO in charge of creative decisions regarding TipsyTiger Hard Seltzer – Access token to exclusive events Don’t miss this chance to be part of the first party degen project and NFT-backed hard seltzer line!

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