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Travatarz are entering the world! Relatively unknown species, originally from a planet that is afflicted by horrible living conditions, in danger of extinction. 8,888 motivated and anonymous Travatarz will settle down on earth to secretly investigate the cause of terrific climate changes.

The FIRST NFT project that create a Work to Earn (W2E) system for Travatar holders. The NFT will give you access to a digital social hub where your NFT counts as your membership token to the Travatar perks. You will receive access to discounts, when working all around the world, giveaways, a Travatarz academy and a strong community to help you find work and become the entrepreneur you always dreamed of. The community will be DAO-based. That means that the community decides what they spend money on by voting. The Travatar aims to endorse an egalitarian community via a DAO where every single holder’s voice can be heard through the entire NFT space! 1 NFT = 1 Vote. Travatar holders will control where funds go with full transparency. 

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