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17 Jan 17:59 UTC
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Tyrannosaurus is the first series of DinoFamily NFT. Tyrannosaurus is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated NFTs. Learn, collect, join, and enjoy DinoFamily NFT Community. They are extremely special to our community and eternally written on the Ethereum Blockchain. You’ll be able to purchase, trade, and construct your Tyrannosaurus NFTs. These amazing Tyrannosaurus come with various traits that make each very unique and collectible in essence. For instance, in this incredible initial collection, Laser Eyes, Amazing outfit, or Cool Hat, as seen on many of them. Tyrannosaurus was created completely randomly during minting with over 250k possible combinations. Why join the Tyrannosaurus Club? Because it will gain you access to exclusive perks to the ever-evolving DinoFamily world. In the continuation of the story, all Tyrannosaurus NFT owners will get a surprise airdrop to their wallets. Get ready for an Alternate reality game in this process! Just remember, we love our community, bringing exclusivity, and making history in the crypto space. See you inside!

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