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About the drop

After more than 30 years of being loyal to their innovative vision, Hogan is ready to enter into the next stage. Taking the renewed designs of its first ever sneaker model “Hogan Traditional” and recreating them in a new revolutionary format, Hogan is ready to embrace the opportunities of the Metaverse by working in collaboration with five digital designers and utilizing the concept of “From Traditional To Untraditional”. Hogan will enter the next era of digital luxury by creating digital assets that will reinvent the Italian brand’s staple product. The digital artists will be Silvio Rondelli, Yoann De Geetere, Linear, Vincent Ghiotti, and Finn Berenbroek, and the art project will be curated by the Brawhaus creative studio. All of the artists will turn their creative expressions into NFTs to make the assets even more special and unique. With the intent of the collection to be imaginative, funny, and playful, Hogan wants to move from the traditional format of a luxury footwear brand to a brand inserted in the NFT and Metaverse environment with a clear roadmap and long-term vision when it comes to Web 3.0 reality.


About the collab

As an early adopter in the fashion industry, the upcoming partnership with luxury NFT marketplace Exclusible is aiming at translating classic Hogan codes into the new world of Web 3.0. This long-term collaborative vision will allow Hogan to drive the Meta-fashion discussion and its sustainable nature. The NFT drops will provide the most loyal of Hogan enthusiasts with the opportunity to own a piece of the iconic brand in a way that was never before possible, by eternally engraving their name into the unbreakable blockchain. Immersive utilities, such as AR functions and virtual asset usability, will ensure a revolutionary fashion NFT experience while always displaying the signature luxurious essence of the Hogan brand.

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