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7 Jun 16:00 UTC
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Volcom and their team are continuing to forge the future of the metaverse with the drop of Volcom’s Metaboards. This drop will include 1991 completely unique NFT Metaboards that will grant each holder unique utility within the Volcom Stoneland ecosystem. This includes unique holder events, NFT drops, virtual experiences, real lift utility, and much more. There are only so many Metaboards, so make sure to sign up to our discord for a whitelist spot (https://discord.gg/volcom) or join us May 31st at 12PM EST to mint your board!

Currently, Volcom is one of the few major brands to take a step into the NFT world. With our professional resources and experience, we are building what is soon to be the standard in the web3 space. Currently, we are one of the first projects that has a functioning metaverse with real world utility. Holders of our NFTs get exclusive access to this Metaverse that includes special perks and rewards. This metaverse is called Stoneland and will continue to be developed for years to come.

In addition to all the virtual perks and utility these NFTs will provide, Volcom Stoneland will provide holders with many real life perks. Holding a Volcom NFT will give users special discounts to the Volcom clothing brand. Not only this, but with Volcom’s massive network, holders may have the opportunity to go to major lifestyle events. This is just the beginning of the project, and Volcom is going to make sure that those who believe in this project are respected and rewarded with amazing utility.

This is not going to be another fly-by-night project. Volcom is an established brand with a lot to offer. You do not want to miss out on this one!

– 1991 Unique NFT designs

– 1.8 Million Social Media Followers Between Twitter & Instagram

– Real World Utility

– Private Metaverse For Holders

– Join Discord For Whitelist Spot

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