Wasted Dodo

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1 Jun 00:00 UTC
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It is the nest of the 8000 unique dodos, unfortunately they were a bit wasted from yesterday’s party and were lost during their trip to the island of Malibu.

Please help your favorite Dodos to lead it back home before winter ends! 😕

Wasted Dodo is not just NFTs, but a key to your OWN SPACE in Malibu, the Metaverse for Dodos.

Wasted Dodo is the first NFT with the vision of METAVERSE FOR ALL 💯

You can organize your own events, along with our influencial partners and musicians.

A DAO will be created to properly distribute Malibu space to Dodo NFT holders.

Public Launch is from June 1st – June 14th, where during this 2 weeks the mint and floor price will still be low.

Pre-Sale is already LIVE!

Mint: 0.015eth

Floor: 0.01 eth

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