Weed Ape Blunt Club

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.05 ETH
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28 Jan 01:00 UTC
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The Weed Ape Blunt Club is a degenerative collection of 5,000 stoned apes rolling up some gas on the Ethereum blockchain! Kick back, grab a beverage, and hang on as they get high enough to rip a gravity bong on the moon! πŸŒ™

The Blunt Club features a staking system in which each Weed Ape will be given a daily allowance of fire $BUD. 2,000 random Weed Apes will also be given the Lab Monkey job, where they will be able to process $BUD into Stoned Ape Blunt Club NFTs -our following collection with expanded jobs and token mechanics.

Join the club and let’s vibe!

We will be holding a whitelisted mint one hour before the main mint. To get a chance to join, hop in the Discord where there will be raffles and more ways to join. WHITELISTED MINTS DISCOUNTED AT 0.04!

Whitelist Mint: 4:00pm PST January 28th, 2022 @ 0.04 ETH

Main Mint: 5:00pm PST January 28th, 2022 @ 0.05 ETH

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