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After the destruction of their planet, 3,333 Yagis began utilizing the power of $NANOBITS to take back control of the intergalactic metaverse.

The Yagis are determined to continue building and providing resources both to give and to bring back their community to its former glory.


Introducing the Yagiverse Marketplace, where Yagiverse holders and partners will be able to purchase many things such as NFTs, WL Spots, Subcriptions, Claimable free art prints, Merchandise and more!


Stake your Yagis to earn your $NANOBITS passively! $NANOBITS will be crucial in the Yagiverse Ecosystem, You will be able to use our token on our Marketplace to purchase a wide variety of items!


The Yagiverse will always provide a home for our holders! We have already purchased Otherside land for our holders to use later down the line! (Token ID #86211) But it does not stop there! We will also purchase an NFTWorlds to provide another home for the Yagis, where holders will be able to build, fight play & earn $WRLD token!

Yagiverse Comic book

The Yagiverse lore will tie in heavily to how we progress our comic book series that we plan on releasing every month! What makes our Comic Book series unique is that we will utilize all the minted Yagis! This means holders who see their Yagi used in the comic book will be eligible for a prize!

Yagiverse Alpha & Education

We will be providing our holders with exclusive and vetted Alpha calls, Helping people make sensible decisions whilst trading. This will help create a community of like-minded individuals who want to always win in this space! Holders will have access to exclusive Alpha giveaways as well. Trading Education, this is another utility we will offer our holders that will include Introduction to NFTs, How to become a better trader, Fundamental & Technical Analysis whilst trading Crypto and not just NFTs.

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